Monday, May 28, 2012

*dusts off old blog*

I think I'm going to start posting on this again. We'll see how long it lasts (see the original intro post; I still feel mostly the same about blogs). I'll try to keep this blog to writing-related things and the occasional political thing, but fandom might creep in as well--no promises.

Since I mentioned politics, please be aware that...well, first, that I'm a different person than I was six years ago, and I'm much less interested in responding to disagreement with blistering sarcasm. This is no guarantee I WON'T--particularly if I feel you're being deliberately obtuse--but for the most part, I've found politeness nets more interesting discussion anyway.

So, that said, if I post something and you disagree with it, let me know. Publicly if you're comfortable, privately if you aren't. I like conversation much better than silence.

And I like having my words on a page in a public forum again, even if no one knows this blog exists anymore. :)

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